28 March 2011

After an absense .... I am back.

Hello all,

I am still alive! It has been a peaceful four weeks. We had a huge chase party at Skip Talbot's after Sean Casey's premiere of Tornado Alley. We went to see it on Saturday afternoon and were surprised by Sean and Jennifer Casey! Jennifer Casey asked us to stick around and wait for Sean to get done greeting his fans so we can have some one on one time with Sean to shoot the breeze. Chatted with him for 30-45 minutes before leaving for party time!

A pic snapped of Sean and I talking about his upcoming plans! I won't spill the beans but I think you all will LOVE it!

Another pic of Sean and I gabbing about TIV2

To be clear, I was never an over the top Casey fanboy, but it is well known I like him better than the others. For him to stick around and WANT to talk with the group of chasers like he did was a great move and I am definitely a Casey fan now. He has some great new plans and new technology he will be using, I can't say much because I don't want to ruin anything, but it will be cool to see what happens in the next year or two.

After we met with the Casey's we went back to Skip's house and partied. It was a good time. Ben was drunk again, got to meet some new faces, and reminisce about the previous season. Convective Addiction will be out there and primed to dominate the plains again.

Chillin' watching some DVD's

Me giving Adam a hard time for begging Sean for an autograph! :D
Overall life has calmed down. Been working my new job and getting bank for it! I think I have enough for some chasing this year! Not going to be out as much as I was last year so I am going to make these chases count. Eying this coming weekend..... More to come!