12 April 2011

April 9th, 2011 - Tornado Outbreak in Iowa

Wow. All I have to say.

Adam Lucio, Matt Cumberland, my g/f and I all went to Western Iowa today. My Illinois target was a complete bust (it was a shot in the dark anyway.) Anyway we ended up near Avoca, IA and sat there for a few hours to wait Mother Nature out.... she did not let us down. We ended up with 6 tornadoes including two at very close range and a couple more wedges including the 2-3 mile wide tornado. My photos didn't come out (I don't have a still camera, just video stills) but Matt has some EXCELLENT photos you can see here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/matthew-cumberland/mapleton-iowa-tornado-out-break-april-9th-part-1/10150152572434263. I will post a couple on my site as well for those who aren't his facebook friend. If you aren't I encourage you to add him!!! I can't really say much about this chase, I am still blown away!

Overall today was an unexpected success in chasing terms. I am glad no body was killed in the tornadoes, but coming up to a devastated house with an older man distraught over losing the home he lived in for 63 years kind of puts things into perspective a little.

Again, thank you Matt and thanks for everyone who helped out on the rescue efforts.


  1. Lovely Chase Account Danny - That Storm reminds me a bit of Greensburg especially the Night-Time Tornadoes and Insane Inflow everyone experienced. Cant wait to get out there in 2 weeks for my 7 week Chasecation. See you under the Meso!

    Paul Sherman

  2. Great pictures and video. Great story also. Congratulations.

    Mark Lingl