05 September 2011

Elementary School Presentation for Dummer Elementary School in Sandwich, IL

Back last March I was asked to do a presentation for elementary school kids at Dummer Elementary School is Sandwich, Illinois. I whipped up some footage of some things to expect on the chase and how a normal chase with me is like! I forgot I had it still, so I threw it on Youtube. The kids loved it. I was supposed to be there for an hour and ended up staying 2+ answering questions. A lot of the kids were scared of severe weather, but I told them it is not to be feared. Fear lies with the unknown, I am a prime example of this. My fear of severe weather was unmatched I was paranoid. I was these kids age too. I told them anyone scared of storms please ask questions, because I was in their shoes and I never thought I would be able to overcome it. A mom that was there came up to me during the video presentation and said her daughter was exactly what I described myself as being at my age. I asked where she was and she was sitting in the front row glued to this footage. After the presentation she asked me the most questions out of anyone. I like to think I started a little reversal of her fear in storms. I expect to hear back from them soon as they said they would love me to come back and I would love to come back!