02 May 2011

Please Donate to the Red Cross

Since this devastating outbreak occurred almost a week ago, many fellow Americans are suffering and need our help! Adam Lucio, Brad Goddard, Skip Talbot, Ryan Wichman, Scott Weberpal, Jesse Risley, and I (Convective Addiction) are holding a DVD fundraiser. If you buy one of our DVDs, all 100% of the profits will go directly to the Red Cross. On top of the 118 dollars we have raised so far.... we are donating an additional 100 dollars. Please donate to the American Red Cross! Either directly or by buying a Convective Addiction DVD. www.convectiveaddiction.com/store

*Disclaimer - this is not an attempt to try to boost sales or our name in light of a national tragedy. I personally encourage you to donate DIRECTLY to the American Red Cross or any other charity!