01 February 2011

Chicago Blizzard 2011

Pretty insane event going to be taking place in my neighborhood. Will be streaming LIVE all night.... any questions or comments leave them below!

13:15 - Snow starts... light to moderate snow ..... pretty windy .... just went out and shoveled the snow from last night.

14:00 - Moderate snow falling now ..... wind still pretty strong ..... street is becoming snow covered.

14:30 - Moderate snow continues to fall.... latest models showing very heavy snow to move in after 9 P.M. Thundersnow probable!!

18:00 - Heavy snow falling, winds sustained at 35-40 mph with higher gusts. Just stepped outside to document it, but before I can open the door, Mother Nature made herself known!

21:30 - Near the height of the blizzard now. Extremely heavy snow and strong winds with thundersnow! What an amazing storm!!!

February 2nd:

Spent all day outside shoveling my elderly neighbors homes and walk ways. I don't have a strong enough snowblower for this job so it is all manual labor for me! It really sucks that tomorrow is going to be 10 degrees because I have to do my whole yard and property by myself by hand. :(

Some pictures now:

Final video compilation:

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