03 April 2011

Sweet revenge will be ours.... for the taking

Got off work early (THANKFULLY) and was now able to chase today! Was gonna be at the fire house until 6 P.M. but ended up getting out earlier. So 2011's first chase is now underway with Adam Lucifer and Matt Cumberland. We are currently on I 80 near Ottawa, IL heading toward the west to a more favorable area. At this point it is a tough call, I really want to stick to my target of Donnellson, IA, but am getting baited into the idea that we should just follow the warm front into oblivion. Right now we are hitting the mid level cloud deck floating in out of IA, but see some nice clearing to the S and SW. CAPE should be building into the 3,000's. SRH values pushing 200 m2/s2, and boundary layer Td's in the mid 60's spell a volatile situation. Warm 700's will suppress the convection until later afternoon. I am expecting the cap to be breached in two areas. #1 - Near the triple point in E IA, NW IL and #2 along the cold front stretching near KCMO. I am not *too* confident in a robust tornado threat today, but I hope I am wrong. QLCS mode most likely, we may hedge into N MO. I do not like the wide T/Td depressions so I truly hope those mid 60 dews advect into the area. Still on the road through La Salle/Peru. Check back here for updates as they happen!

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