14 November 2011

I'm back

For the last several months, I have all but disappeared from the general world due to financial and a couple health issues. Things have been rough, but all I keep doing is trying to fight and work my way through it. If anything it makes me appreciate the days where I didn't have responsibility. Looks pretty good right now. However, I work 40 hours at one job and another unlimited amount at the other and will just keep pushing. I missed a couple good tornado events and lots of fun with friends. My car, my computer, and various other possessions are currently not working so well. Probably at the bottom right now lol I was hoping 2012 would be a breath of fresh air and a pick me up but it, too, isn't looking promising. To go from 20+ chases in 2010 to just 4 in 2011..... is discouraging. 36 tornadoes down to 8. Very bad times. I am not complaining and don't expect sympathy, but just to clue you in a little on what is going on. I am ready to embark on something big with another chaser in hopes to turn fortunes around. But since I finally fixed my laptop, I will be around a little bit more working toward my goals.

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