25 August 2011

"EYE See You Irene"

*Hurricane Irene EYEING Florida, but it was only a quick glance :) *
If you watched the news lately and haven't lived underneath a giant rock, you would know of a major hurricane currently churning through the Bahamas. This storm, Irene, is teasing the Florida coast with whipping rain bands while she eyes the outer banks of North Carolina and ultimately Long Island. Most forecast models take her from Virginia Beach-Ocean City-and up to New York City. Irene is a category 3 hurricane which makes her a "major" storm. Perhaps some strengthening will occur, but the general belief is that she will make brief landfall near Cape Hattaras as a strong 2 and then continue her march up toward the megalopolis. THose in New York City/Boston area need to start preparing now. Those on the shore lines east of NYC may see pretty impressive storm surge and overall 6-7 inches of rain with this storm. Will this be another Bob? or worse. Stay tuned to your local forecasts and track her at http://www.noaawatch.gov/2011/tc_at09.php

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