17 August 2011

Season of the Storm Film Documentary

*Click the image to see the intro to the documentary starring Adam Lucio, Jonathan Williamson, and me*

Adam Lucio, Jonathan Williamson, and I are a part of a documentary titled "Season of the Storm." A group of film makers/students approached us with the opportunity to be a part of this project that has progressed rapidly. What was just a school project has perhaps turned into an hour long feature length documentary. Either way I am MORE than willing to be a continuing part of this film. Have done 2 interviews along with 3 days on the road with these guys and enjoy having them around. In my 14 years of chasing purely for myself, I never thought I would find myself in a position like this. My goals while chasing have always been to enjoy being with Mother Nature, make appropriate and accurate reports, and be able to document every one of her moves.... Not once have I ever been in it for selling video or pimping myself out to each and everyone. There are those who seek out opportunity and there are others that opportunity seems to find. I'd like to think I fall in between those two. What doors will this film open up?

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