19 August 2011

I am a storm chaser...

I am a storm chaser. I have been chasing for 14 years now and haven't stopped learning. As a storm chaser I see a lot from Mother Nature. More often than not she shows me the show of a lifetime; other times she disgusts me with the unrelenting power on undeserving citizens. There are many types of chasers out there from scientists, to thrill seekers, to those who just want to see a tornado. Some have made a business out of chasing by driving tours, others have sold video and stock photography. Bottom line those of us out there doing it, do it because we have a passion unlike any other. Want to do it? Go out there and give it a try, it is not for everyone. You don't need anyone's approval to chase storms. There are no official storm chasing tests or classes to become a "real" storm chaser. My only advice is to team up with someone much more experienced your first time out. Chasing is not a game. Situations get hectic, stuff may hit the fan in the blink of an eye.... If you can watch this video and think you can handle it? See you out there!

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