28 January 2012

Introducing a new addition to my blog: PHOTOGRAPY!

I finally caved and did it! I bought a DSLR from a co-worker in my first true attempt at taking good still photography. A lot of the times out on the chase I have documented some high quality HD video but always missed out on "the shot" due to not having a camera. I can not imagine how 5/22 or 6/17 would have looked through the eye of an DSLR instead of a screen grab. We can finally scratch that off the list and add a new weapon to my arsenal out on the plains. I have shot some test shots of my animals and I must say I do like the detail already. There is a lot I need to learn about the camera and a lot the camera needs to learn about me. Overall though I think this will be a happy marriage that will last a long times. I will attach some images I have taken with the camera. Look back for more images in the next few weeks!

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