02 February 2012

New site layout and news

Greetings friends!

I have been a busy man the last week or so. Accomplished a lot and started working a new idea with another well known chaser. A lot is in the future not only for my life outside of chasing, but with this blog, the chaser profile, and a new .com or two that may be appearing this spring! There is still a lot of work to be had, but I have a feeling if this person and I work toward it, by the middle of Spring we are bound to turn heads and wow everyone that likes to follow us. The film crew will be following us around again this year and hopefully we can get them more than just a 2 minute tornado on a marginal day.

The chase profile idea has really taken off. I have chasers booked all the way until next Thursday now with many others showing interest. I am glad all of you are liking this idea and are willing to participate. It is becoming a hit and may need it's own .com site dedicated to it. We will see how it goes in the next few weeks.... let's hope this just isn't a fad.

In regards to this blog, I have changed some layout options and colors around to make it more suitable to me. While the previous scheme worked well, it just got to be too plain for me and needed an overhaul. The content is still there, but a new header featuring me, and new slideshow with poll allow you the user to get more out of it. I hope everyone enjoys and look for more big things upcoming this Spring!


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