03 February 2012

Vote for Palos Fire Protection District!

As everyone may know, I am a firefighter. Outside of chasing storms, firefighting is one of my passions that I take very seriously. At my department we have a mixed assortment of part timers from other departments and full timers from Chicago. One of the departments near mine has been in difficulty lately with budget issues and cutbacks. This department also closed one of it's stations effectively laying off all their part timers. At my department there are a couple of members from Palos here and they need our help! Please vote for Palos Fire in hopes we can get our fellow brothers and sisters a new kitchen. With money already being tight, it would be a blessing for them to get their brand new kitchen without footing a bill out of their own pockets. In the end, no matter who wins, it will be for the good of the fire service, but I have a special bond with Palos and would love to see them come out on top. 

http://rescueremodel.com/nominated-firehouse-2/ - Please click this link. Press vote and then refresh and vote as many times as you can! I would appreciate it GREATLY. 

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