27 January 2011

Damn you GFS

Over the last few weeks I have been monitoring the GFS progress and handle on systems in the long range. So far my results have been inconclusive but have noticed some interesting flip flops from model run to model run. For example... yesterday's 12z run had mid 40's streaming into Chicago way out in fantasyland. Today's 12z run (24 hours closer) had us at TWO DEGREES!!!!

Tonight's 00z run has KLOT area in a typical La Nina pattern... cold with shots of brutally cold spells and clipper type systems swinging in periodically. No major systems... yet. The GFS paints an interesting storm system for the weekend over the southern plains that may swings its' way into Chicagoland. At the very least those of you in the southern plains are going to get a taste of Spring with a slap in the face by winter within a 48 hour time frame.

Details on the progression of this storm system to follow!

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