26 January 2011

Playing Poker on FB/Videos finally done converting

Well I had work this morning, ho hum. Another day working in a cooler and unloading produce. I get home and made some damn good lunch and was pleased to see my videos done converting from mt2s to WMV. Started that last night and it went through the night and ended sometime before noon today. I had to do this because Vegas 9 wont recognize my Mt2s videos. I don't understand it. But I guess it is a blessing in disguise since my plan from the start was to do stock sales and I don't want to put high quality stuff out there right now. SD will work just fine for these clips as a sampler... if people are interested I can FTP them the HD video.

So I have been playing some online poker tourneys (free) on facebook with some buddies. It passes the time while I wait for things to render out and upload and what not so if you are on FB poker, come find me. I am normally a pretty good poker player so it is a fun time.

I am not sure how I want to format my web page to incorporate this stock section... or if I want to just use this blog for chases/forecasts and ONLY dedicate my website to stock and sales. Trying to brainstorm. I don't like how bulky youtube makes my web page. I can never format videos the right way (I.E 4 x 4) 16 videos 4 by 4. It usually ends up 1 row of 16 and it is frustrating. I will figure it out I guess. That is all for now!

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