25 January 2011

A goal for 2011 - Next couple weeks project

I have decided that I want to dabble in the stock video sales realm. I don't feel like busting my ass to focus on ENG/breaking news video. With the time I will have to edit videos and present them I hope to make at least a couple of sales. The thing about stock video sales is that if you do sell to production companies, you can make a pretty decent chunk of change. You will sell more in streams but make only little chunks of change at a time. I will probably only focus on 2009 and 2010 footage since it was shot with an HD cam and that is way more attractive to the buyer. I don't plan on only displaying severe weather.... I am going to dabble in other disasters and fires as well. I am going to redo my web page and try to insert this blog directly too www.northernilstormchaser.com . As for news with Convective Addiction we are still together and going strong and will have plenty of new features to provide our fans in 2011. We have been quiet because we have been working! Thanks for following!

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