25 January 2011

Off-Topic - Good people out there!

On November 22nd, 2010 I had my front end wrecked by a guy that pulled out of a driveway and hit me. All was paid for and covered by his insurance he immediately admitted fault and all was well! He was a nice guy about it and since it was all taken care of I decided not to show up to his court case and have ticket dropped. I took my care to Guardian Auto at 89th and Kedzie and was happy with the results I got out of their body work. I recommend anyone that has body work to be done to go there. Well the day I got my car back was my dads retirement dinner at 115. Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park. My girlfriend and I left and got there around 7 P.M. While looking for a parking spot somebody blindly backed out and backed into my front right panel near my wheel. I was absolutely livid. The car that I just had fixed was now hit again 90 minutes after I got it back! To my relief a cop was behind me and saw it and there was relatively no damage. The officer made a report and issued no infractions. He advised us to go through our insurance companies and take care of any monetary damages. I decided it wasn't worth pursuing. The other party involved called me and asked if we could handle any damages out of pocket. I told him it wasn't worth it and to just forget about it, but he insisted in repaying me. I told him I didn't want to take his money for nothing, when he suggested he buys me a couple cases of beer. I agreed and today he dropped them off and I am currently enjoying one! Glad to see that people out there are still honest and I wish this gentleman the BEST of luck in his job as a contractor.

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